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Allie Baumgartner
October 26, 1993 to August 20, 2006
Allie is Gwyn Baumgartner's little boy)
....Grieve not,
      nor speak of me with tears,
   but laugh and talk of me
    as if I were beside you...
   I loved you so ---
     'twas Heaven here with you.

In Loving Memory
Allie Baumgartner
CH. Gadabout World of Suzie Wong (aka Suzie)
2-28-04 to 8-31-06
(Suzie is Cindy (Sanders) Grenemyer & Bob Grenemyer's little girl)
Although your life was too short,
You are forever a lasting memory in our hearts.
Just like a shooting star bursting across the sky,
You’re a bright beam of light
that just passed us by much too quickly.
Our little shooting star…we will always love you,
And we’ll see you in heaven someday.

In Loving Memory of
Suzie Grenemyer
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