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In Loving Memory of

Who went to the Rainbow Bridge January 8, 2001
TZ was Cindy Sanders baby
In Loving Memory of
Papa Smurff

Who went to the Rainbow Bridge
March 18, 2003
Papa Smurff was Cindy Sanders baby
This is my precious Niki. He loved everyone and all creatures. He'd even cry when the wild bunnies in the backyard would not want to make friends with him!

(Niki is Lin Herz baby)
This is Mingy
(Registered name: Shoo-Ming Wee Shu Toi..1969-1978).
He came to me in January of 1970, shortly after my Choo-Choo passed on. He was a very sweet, very busy boy. I only saw him sleeping twice in all of his nine years. Everywhere he went he brought one of his babies (toys), even when he went outside for a walk. He loved to walk fast, and it was often hard to keep up with him, even with those short little legs.

(Mingy is Lin Herz baby)
In Loving Memory of
Choo-Choo loved all of the creatures of the world. He loved the lizards on the patio, our pet cats, you name it, Choo-Choo liked it. When our cat had kittens, she'd not leave them unless Choo-Choo jumped in with them. They would try to nurse from him, and he'd let them! The kittens loved him so much, that they followed him right in the water, when he swam in the fish pond on our patio. He taught them to swim! (As their mama cat looked on with her hair standing straight up!)
    Choo-Choo was the most human dog I've ever had. He was a companion to everyone in our family. He seemed to know what you needed.

(Choo Choo is Lin Herz baby)
In Loving Memory of
In Loving Memory of

Who went to the Rainbow Bridge
May 30, 2005

(MaiLee is Jodi Tucker & her late mom, Char Berry's baby)
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In Loving Memory of

Born February 11, 1998
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 7, 2009

Dearest Spring,
You always had the sweetest and happiest disposition.    You are a true beauty queen.
We will always remember you with so much love and joy.

Love mommy, Katherine
In Loving Memory of