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Outstanding Pekepals
This page is to honor those Pekepals who have risen above the call, and who have given selflessly for love and the betterment of the Pekingese breed.

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Sue Bricker is such a caring and gentle lady.  She is the first one to donate when a pekey kid is in trouble and never wants it to be known that she is the one that came forward to help.  She is so unassuming as she contributes in ways only a small few know about to help rescue pekes get a fair chance at a good life.  I am also aware of her offering to help a list member who had a sick kid that it was thought would need surgery.  She was the first to step up when she became aware of this baby's situation.  Fortunately this baby was able to get well without surgery but, I admire how she steps up without a thought to aid our wonderful breed of kids.  When Scamp needed surgery she was there for me as I cried from terror that I would lose him as I would not let him continue to live in that agony.  She was there when she found out he needed surgery and sent me a generous check to help me offset the cost of his surgery.  I asked for nothing but understanding which I received but, she also went the extra step to help without being asked.  This is very typical of Sue Bricker and she does more than others are aware of as she wants to help peke kids in need of a fair shake. She also was one of the first people on the committee of the Char Berry fund and was dedicated to offering her advice and help the committee decide who needed help and give it to them no questions asked.  She may not be on the list as often as she once was but, she is aware of how we are doing and if a need arises and she can help.

By: Betty Goodrich
Pekepals Member
Sue Bricker
Adell Lantz  breeds the loveliest pekes that are so loving and so well socialized that anyone being fortunate to have one of her kids is blessed.  She is busy breeding beautiful pekes and running her grooming business and she also goes way out of her way to help rescue pekes. She is today (12-28-07) going to get a three month old peke who is in a shelter.  Three months old and all alone but, not for long. Once Adell gets to this baby it will know only peace, love and total acceptance. This is true for every kid she rescues and she has many and they are cared for with the same patience and passion that she cares for her very own kids. She also does this on her own.  She never asks for outside help and I wonder sometimes how she manages but, God provides her with the willpower and finances to keep this good work going. 
   Adell is also so kind and never judges anyone on the Pekepals when they ask for help when sometimes a question is asked that you know someone could flame the newby.  She always answers with kindness and good advice to steer us all into ways to care for our kids that we may not have thought of before.  She was so great when Scamp had his spinal surgery a few years ago.  I was a wreck as he went into surgery and she placed his photo on her computer screen and prayed with me all day until I got word that all was well with my precious boy. I had the pleasure of meeting this great lady in person a few years ago and walked into her shop and was amazed with all the darling rescue kids that ran to the door to greet us. She is an amazing woman, doing amazing work. May God continue to bless her with the strength to keep doing her wonderful work.

By: Betty Goodrich
Pekepals Member
Adell Lantz