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KaShi's first Chanukah, December of 2005, right after his adoption. He's learning about the menorah and Chanukah, because he had just come from a home with a Christmas tree. ggg
This doesn't look like a Christmas Tree. Where my tree?"
KaShi contemplating whether not having a Christmas tree and having a menorah instead is a good thing. He's thinking about it, and looking at the menorah...
It's really a lot to take in when you're just five months old.
Here he's trying to learn more about Chanukah and what this menorah is made out of and what it smells like. I told him it's been in his grandpa's family for 300 years and is made of brass. And I told him the Chanukah story. You can tell by this picture he is taking it all in, and very interested.
KaShi looks very happy and decided he would like celebrating Chanukah and likes the menorah and the candles and thinks it's neat that he gets to celebrate for eight days. :)
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